New Blog Post – Installing a solar panel on a travel trailer

Here’s a nice story from one of our great customers about how we could help him with solar power solutions! Cheers


Bob called our store the other day to talk about adding solar to his RV. He was concerned about a couple of things. First, he wanted to make sure he could get the most bang for his buck. Second, he had to account for the AC unit on the roof. I went over several options and plans for him, as well as, giving my advice on the best solution for his need. He wanted to run LED lights, a microwave, laptop, TV, power inverter, some small tools, and a fan. We talked about his propone setup as well for his cooking and refrigeration. He even had an on board generator for the AC and heat during those cold and hot months in the South. We talked about everything, and the plan came together beautifully. He decided on our new solar flex panels because of the size, strength and efficiency of the panels. We even talked about adding a portable kit in the future for added solar power. Our solar flex units seemed to work really well for Bob throughout the summer and winter months. Even in low sun he got a few amps out of those units. We were proud and so was he! He discovered that with a little ingenuity and some time, you can accomplish anything. Now Bob is boondocking in national parks without ever having to run his generator or connect to shore power. He can even stay in the desert out west or go down to Key West, Florida for the winter, while monitoring his battery bank with his Go Power Charge Controller. He’s having fun and enjoys staying connected to us and our products. We have been able to build a long lasting friendship with Bob because of the efficiency of our products and friendliness of our service. We strive to keep people like Bob on the road for years to come.

Joshua – General Manager – Outside Supply



Power Inverters

Basic Power Inverter / Power Inverters Info

You will find some basic information on Power Inverters below. We have broken out the power inverter section into the following groups. Each Power Inverter section has a bit of information on the type of Power Inverter product you may be interested in. Although power inverters all preform basically the same function of transforming DC power to AC power, voltages and wattage outputs vary from model to mode.

12 Volt Power Inverters – 12 Volt Power inverters are designed to turn 12 volt DC into 110 volt AC current. These are the most common power inverters and are used in most cars, trucks, RV’s and Boats. Most 12 volt power inverters under 400 watts have two connection methods available. Plug type power inverters which plug into the cigarette lighter socket usually are rated up to 300 watts. Power inverters rated over 300 watts are generally hard wired direct battery connection types.

24 Volt Power Inverters – 24 Volt Power inverters are designed to turn 24 volt DC into 110 volt AC current. These are the least common power inverters and are used some Airplanes, Boats, Military Applications and any other 24 volt DC enviroment..

DC to AC Power Inverters – DC to AC Power Inverters are comprise all types of power inverters. This main category really covers any devices used to convert ac DC voltage to an AC voltage. You will however find the 12 Volt Power Inverters most common. A DC to AC power inverter can come in two basic types of outputs. Sine Wave power inveters and Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters.

Sine Wave Power Inverters – Sine Wave Power Inverters provide better than utility grade power and more costly than modified sine wave inverters.

These power inverters can run almost any household equipment except they are NOT designed for LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS.

They can run fax machines, laser printers and sensitive electronic equipment.

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